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A Delicious Complex Wine: Ciban’s Pinot Crni

A Croatian wine from Ciban

A Croatian Wine from Ciban

A few years ago we visited a small, quaint winery located about half an hour outside of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Ciban offers lodging and has a boutique winery with onsite vineyards. The views of the vineyards, the rustic country-feel, the food and the friendliness of our hosts were incredible.

Earlier this week we opened a bottle of Ciban’s wine for dinner. The wine was paired with grilled salmon.

San Paolo Rose

This wine was produced with Pinot Crni which is also known as Pinot Noir. The 12.9% alcohol rosé wine was an orange color with a red hue. The wine was very aromatic with notes of red berries including strawberries and raspberries. The mouthfeel was smooth. The taste was of red berry fruit. The wine offered a crisp finish with hints of earthiness.

The front label is an artist’s rendition of fall’s colorful grape leaves,a ripe purple bunch of grapes and an image of the Ciban lodging and winery site.

Translated, the back label reads, “Proizvedeno iz sorte Pinot crni.Vino osebujna okusa i mirisa, a nadasve o?aravaju?e boje. Vino za zaljubljene i one koji ?e to tek postati. Razgaljuje dušu i slama srca.”

A rough translations is, “Made from Pinot crane. The wine has a distinctive taste and smell, and above all fascinating color. Wine lovers and those who are yet to become, fills the soul and breaking hearts.”

After visiting Ciban we wrote about the visit including details of the lodging and winery. It also includes the folklore associated with the 1800’s building that has now been renovated. To find out the details, read the Wine Trail Traveler online article.

If you plan to visit Croatia, contact Ciban for information about their friendly and welcoming lodging availability.


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