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Wine Aroma Kits

Do you have a wine aroma kit? Good wine aroma kits can be expensive but they can be beneficial for those who want to delve into the world of wine. The Le Nez Du Vin brand is reportedly very good.

A few years ago we purchased the wine fault kit by Le Nez Du Vin and thought it

A wine faults aroma kit by Le Nez Du Vin

A wine faults aroma kit by Le Nez Du Vin

offered a valuable way for us to learn about wine faults. Terry noted that if we had a wine that we felt was questionable we could check with the aroma fault kit to identify the characteristic. A pamphlet explained what the fault was and provided an explanation of why it occurred.

The wine fault kit is handy for those who are interested in wine. One does not visit winery tasting rooms to taste wines with faults nor does one deliberately purchase wines with a fault. So it’s nice to have wine fault kit for that infrequent bottle of wine that has a fault.

Wine aroma kits can be very beneficial and offer a constructive and easy way to learn more about wine descriptors. The Le Nez Du Vin wine kits are pricey but potential buyers should realized that the aroma kits if stored and used properly last for a long time.  For example the Master Kit with 54 wine aromas is usually found for $399 in the US.

The Master Kit offers 54 aroma vials, 54 illustrated explanatory cards and an instruction book. The aroma vials are divided into categories that include: floral, grilled, animal, vegetal and fruit aromas. Smaller wine kits with fewer aromas are also available.

Le Nez Du Vin also offers aroma kits outside of the wine world. Coffee lovers may want to look at the Revelation Coffee Kit aromas. Whisky enthusiasts can check out the Whiskey Aroma Kit.

Whether you intend to purchase a Le Nez Du Vin Kit or not, visit the website and learn the story behind the creation of the wine aroma kits.

Infrequently we have seen the Le Nez Du Vin aroma kits for sale in winery tasting rooms. However, the full assortment of Le Nez Du Vin kits is available online with the United States distributor Wine Aromas.

You may want to give Dad a wine aroma kit for Father’s Day.

Have you used another brand of aroma kit? Did you find it beneficial?

Cheers! Kathy

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