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Wineries Unlimited Moves to Richmond, Virginia

I’m so excited about the move of the annual Wineries Unlimited vineyard and winery conference from Pennsylvania to Virginia. In March of this year, we had the opportunity to visit and write about Wineries Unlimited held in King of Prussia outside of Philadelphia. Due to a prior commitment we were only able to attend the trade show but it was wonderful. We met so many people who play an important part in the wine industry whether they produce stainless steel tanks, wine bottles or oak barrels. Wineries Unlimited is purportedly the second largest vineyard and winery conference in the US and it has been held in Pennsylvania annually for years.

A recent press release from JAG Public Relations has announced that the 2011 Wineries Unlimited will be held in Richmond, Virginia from March 29 thru April 1. How did this happen? I imagine it has something to do with the governor of Virginia being pro the wine industry in Virginia. Virginia’s wine industry is growing quickly. This is excellent for Virginia’s economy where the wine industry provides additional tax revenue and jobs. In addition, the travel industry including restaurants, hotels and gas stations benefit from visitors traveling to wineries in the state. It’s all about agri-tourism.

Congratulations Virginia in understanding the importance of the wine industry and in supporting it!

Cheers! Kathy

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