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In Dreary Weather Look for Beauty

When traveling to wineries we make plans in advance. You have no control of the weather. As a result I am always interested in looking for photo opportunities in all types of weather during all seasons. Yesterday we had a lovely wine tasting at Valhalla Vineyards in Roanoke, Virginia. The road leading to the vineyards and tasting room is uphill and we observed changes in visibility as we drove up the mountain. At 1500 feet it became a bit foggy. By the time we reached the vineyard there was dense fog. The views from Valhalla Vineyards are supposed to be stunning; today they were stunning in a different way.

I was instantly reminded of the fog in the vineyard at Carr Taylor Vineyards and Winery in Hastings, England. The vineyard at Valhalla looked as though it was shrouded in a blanket, not quite ready for Spring’s awakening. It looked mysterious as though it did not want to share its plans for the year. Even in dreary weather there is beauty.

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