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Is Wine Losing its Romance?

I recently read an article by Richard L. Elia titled Wine’s Decline The romance of wine is spent. The article was posted on the Quarterly Review of Wines website. The author spoke of why the print version of the Quarterly Review of Wines was abandoned. One of his reasons was that the romance of wine was […]

Romance in the Vineyard

Why are vineyards romantic? I can certainly understand that wine is probably the most romantic beverage/food. But why are vineyards chosen as a sight for proposals, wedding pictures and anniversaries? In this photo, Kevin Sullivan and Brittany Powers pose a few weeks prior to their August wedding. The backdrop is Niagara grapes that were transplanted […]

Romance and the Wine Bottle

Wine is a romantic drink. The romance of wine often extends to the bottle and its closure. Some believe that a romantic evening begins with the sound of the cork popping out of the bottle. Are all wine bottle closures equally quixotic? We met a couple that certainly had different ideas of what indicated romance […]

Romance at the Winery

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