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Spring Charity Gala in Tbilisi, Georgia

Special charity event in Tbilisi, Georgia to help the vulnerable people.

You’ve Hear of New World Wines and Old World Wines. How About Ancient World Wines?

There is such a thing as ancient world winemaking and wines. The process of making wine in buried earthen vessels, called qvevri, is the only winemaking process to have been placed on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. There is very little qvevri winemaking outside the country Georgia. However there are a few winemakers […]

A Second Perspective: Georgia the Country

Did you watch the television show about the country Georgia? Yesterday, we received a phone call from my sister about a show last night focused on the country Georgia. Because of our love for Georgia, we waited in anticipation for the program to begin. This morning Terry and I discussed the show. Overall, we were disappointed […]

The Amazing Race: Cleaning Qvevris in Georgia

Last week, millions of “The Amazing Race” fans may have had their first glimpse of the only winemaking technique that is on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Some of the teams opted to go to Iago’s Wine in Chardakhi, Kartli, Georgia and clean a qvevri. Qvevris are earthen vessels that are used for […]

Has Anyone Made a Rkatsiteli Wine Jelly?

Making jelly with Rkatsiteli grape variety. It seemed a shame to waste the chacha, so I pointed out that we should make jelly with it.

Wine’s Birth, Part 2

After a long winter’s rest and at times a covering of several feet of snow, the time for opening the qvevri is at hand. Our late winter in central Maryland was a roller coaster of temperatures. Some cold and a few days later quite hot for this time of year. The ground is still cool […]

Wine’s Birth

As the last days of March tick away, I am reminded of the qvevri that we brought from the country Georgia. It is buried near the side of the house and has had a wine in it for the past six months. During the autumn, we kept the opening to the qvevri open during fermentation. […]

Saperavi Vertical Tasting in the Finger Lakes

Discover the Saperavi grape at Standing Stone Vineyards on Sunday, November 15. The winery will host a Saperavi Vertical Tasting.

New World, Old World, Ancient World: 8,000 Vintages

Our guest writer today is Nina Kalandia who is writing and producing the film The Land of 8,000 Vintages. Nina explains the film and how you can get involved. Nina Kalandia: I am an emerging indie filmmaker currently working to produce an American-Georgian cinematic film The Land of 8000 Vintages which should go into production on the […]

DC’s Georgian Wine Tasting: What You Missed

Yesterday was the final Georgian wine tasting in October, ending in Washington DC. About 60 wine enthusiasts attended the tasting and everyone appeared to have an enjoyable wine tasting with tasty appetizers. The day was chilly but sunny in the District of Columbia, as we found our way to Vidalia Restaurant close to Dupont Circle. It […]

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