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New World, Old World, Ancient World: 8,000 Vintages

Nina Kalandia, writer director and producer of "The Land of 8,000 Vintages."

Nina Kalandia, writer director and producer of “The Land of 8,000 Vintages.”

Our guest writer today is Nina Kalandia who is writing and producing the film The Land of 8,000 Vintages. Nina explains the film and how you can get involved.

Nina Kalandia:

I am an emerging indie filmmaker currently working to produce an American-Georgian cinematic film The Land of 8000 Vintages which should go into production on the first day of spring vernal equinox 2016.

The Land of 8000 Vintages is a cinematic experience and biographical film revolving around the ancient world of wine, interweaving an explorative journey of Americans, whose coincidental encounter with Georgian wine culture became an inspirational occurrence spurring a major change in their lives. Capturing elements of historic priority, the project becomes the first-ever English language film to explore the world of ancient wine culture with 8,000 years of uninterrupted winemaking tradition.

The country of Georgia is situated in the Caucasus’ region which is where the first wine making practices were made. However, Georgia is the only country in the world where wine has been made continuously for 8,000 years despite its turbulent history, with the most archaic, time tested methods, and the only wine making technique recognized by UNESCO as intangible heritage and contribution to humanity.

102215bBy supporting The Land of 8000 Vintages film project, you help in bringing a beautiful story of wine, tradition and life in Western Eurasia, still considered to be a most unusual part of the world, to wine enthusiasts and wine lovers. You become a conservator of this eclectic knowledge, which also supports indigenous South Caucasian communities with their experiences gained over the centuries. You can really be a part of the story that started the world of wine. Furthermore, backing the film will help encourage independent filmmaking and promote cross-cultural understanding through the medium of cinema.

There is also a unique opportunity of “New-World wine sponsorship for Ancient-World wine embellishment” via underwriting of the film’s production which would also serve as an indirect advertisement for these forward thinking enterprises.

The film funding campaign is offering Executive Producer, Official Sponsor of the film and other perks (depending on the amount of contribution) for tax-deductible contribution for the benefit of the arts, women in film and keepers of ancient cultural traditions. This film will help bridge the gap between modern wine enthusiasm and an ancient wine making tradition, highlighting an important historical social component from a little known country currently gaining traction in the minds of the relatively informed few.

The Land of 8,000 Vintages becomes  a collaborative project between cinematographers, composers, winemakers and philanthropists across the globe. The film documents a year in a life of a vine and the wine making process concluding with the bottling of the 2016 vintage.

The tax deductible contribution is possible through our fiscal sponsor From the Heart Productions (FTHP) Inc which believes this project will make a positive contribution to society and the field of filmmaking. People that wish to make a contribution may visit the website for the crowd funding campaign: http://igg.me/at/8000vintagesfilm.

You can also make check donations payable to From the Heart Productions, and indicate the name of the film, The Land of 8,000 Vintages, on the memo line. Mail check to:

From the Heart Productions
1455 Mandaley Beach Rd.
Oxnard Shores, CA 93035

Thank you very much in advance!

Nina K.


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