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A Georgian Wine Tasting in Washington, DC

Discovering Georgian wines in Washington DC and the Supra restaurant.

Saperavi Vertical Tasting in the Finger Lakes

Discover the Saperavi grape at Standing Stone Vineyards on Sunday, November 15. The winery will host a Saperavi Vertical Tasting.

Twenty-year Old Saperavi Vines in the Finger Lakes

Our search for Georgian winemaking techniques and Georgian grape varieties continued during and after the Wine Bloggers Conference in Corning, New York.

Saperavi Finds a Home in Central Pennsylvania

Fero Vineyards and Winery in Lewisburg specialize in European grape varieties. One that has found a home is Saperavi, the most common black grape from the country Georgia. Chuck and Daneen Zaleski, owners, sourced Saperavi vines from the descendants of Dr. Konstantin Frank. Years prior to coming to the United States, Dr. Frank was a […]

Monks at Dadiani Old Cellar Produce the Rolls Royce of Georgian Wines

We were surprised at a comparison of Ojaleshi as the Rolls Royce of Georgian wines where Saperavi is just a Volkswagon. Were the monks from Dadiani Old Cellars poking fun at the monks producing Saparevi from Alveredi Monastery? Actually after some reflection the analogy has validity from a purely financial point of view. There are […]

Found a Saperavi in Portland

In another grocer store in Portland, I discovered another wine from Georgia. Fred Meyer had a 2007 Saperavi from Mildiani Family Winery. Upon further investigation of the back label, I noticed the wine was produced by Tsinindali Old Cellar. The wine was a dark purple color with a dark ruby rim. There was black fruit […]

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