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A Georgian Wine Tasting in Washington, DC

Sparkling wine at Georgian wine tasting

During November, 2018 we were invited to attend a Walk Around Tasting of Georgian Wines at the Supra restaurant in Washington, DC. The event was sponsored by GHVINO FORUM 2018.

The Supra restaurant is a unique, boutique restaurant that offers authentic Georgian cuisine and Georgian wines. Outside of the restaurant is a small outdoor eating area. On the day of our visit, the weather was just cool enough that no one seemed to want to linger outdoors. 

Since we arrived a few minutes early for the wine tasting, we strolled through the restaurant and found ourselves in the Supra bar area. Numerous large Georgian images decorated the walls. Having visited the country Georgia, twice and written, Georgia, Sakartvelo: the Birthplace of Wine, we enjoyed the references to Georgia.

Appetizers to pair with Georgian wines

During the Georgian wine tasting, we tried several wines that were poured throughout the early afternoon. Light appetizers were arranged on nearby tables. Appetizers included cheese, breads, skewers and more.

I visited several of the tables setup for wine tasting. The wines I tasted were primarily from Bragatoni 1882, Naotari and Our Wine. I tend to favor sparkling wines and chose to taste all three of the sparkling wines offered by Bragatoni 1882. The Bragatoni Classic was a pale yellow color. Although the aroma was light, the taste offered mineral notes with a mouthful of effervescence. After the wine was poured the bubbles circled the circumference of the wine glass. The Bragatoni Reserve Vintage had limited bubbles ending with a single stream of bubbles. The color was a yellow with a gold hue. This wine also offered a mouthful of effervescence.  I discovered a hint of sweetness in the mouth but the wine ended with  intense dryness. There was a long finish. The Rosé Sparkling wine was a light pink color. The wine had few bubbles.  The taste was dry and in comparison with the first two sparkling wines, the wine was not very effervescent. The finish was long.

Next I tasted a wine from Naotari. The first was the Saperavi 2017.  This wine was produced with 100% Saperavi grapes.  The wine was a dry, unfiltered wine with 12.7% alcohol.  The wine was a translucent purple color. The aroma was of berry fruit. The taste was intense with kissing tannins. 

Wine producers represented at the wine tasting included:

Vine Ponto
Teliani Valley
Baia’s Wine
Chateau Mukhrani
Dato Chikhladze’s Marani
Bagrationi 1882

The importers for the Georgian wines include: Corus Imports, InterBalt Products, and the Georgian Wine House.

Georgian image at Supra restaurant in Washington, DC

Supra, A Georgian Feast 

Supra, A Georgian Feast restaurant opened in DC in November 2017.The Executive Chef is Chef Malkhaz who was also the Executive Chef at the Embassy of Georgia and also at restaurants in Georgia. The menus created by Chef Malkhaz feature authentic Georgian cuisine as well as some unique items. 

To discover the unique wine history of Georgia/Sakartvelo, visit the Wine Trail Traveler website section which also includes articles about more than 40 Georgian wineries.


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