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Teliani Valley

Kathy & Terry Sullivan

Teliani ValleySummary: Teliana Valley in Telavi is one of Georgia’s largest wineries. The winery has a dedicated tasting room as well as a separate facility for qvevri wine production. There is also lodging available for wine tourists.

Teliana Valley is a large Georgian winery located in the Kakheti region. The winery logo represents farm and wind. The winery started in 1997 but moved to this location in 2007.

Teliani Valley produces a wide variety of wines. Look for sparkling wines, still wines, qvevri wines and Chacha. In 2012 the winery produced 2,200,000 bottles and expects to reach 3,000,000 bottles by 2017. In the early 21st century, Teliani Valley added oak barrel making to their list of accomplishments.


Teliani Valley has 100 hectares (247 acres) of vineyards. Grape varieties include Saperavi, Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane.
Grapes are also purchased from local grape growers and growers in Western Georgia. Purchased grapes are weighed by the ton. For the weighing process, each truck is weighed upon arrival. After the grapes are dumped into the hopper the empty truck is weighed again. The difference is the grape tonnage for which the grower is paid. At the time of our September 2013 visit, trucks were lined up at the entrance. We observed one truck emptying its load of Saperavi grapes.

Teliani ValleyWinery

Several stainless steel tanks stand outdoors with the Caucasus Mountains in the distance. Other tanks are in a covered opening while others are in the winery building. Presses are also outside the winery building.

A dedicated qvevri room was almost complete as workers were adding the finishing touches. The room is set apart from the main winery facility and a short distance from the office building that also has rooms for lodging. In the marani, qvevri were already buried in the earth. The walls of the marani are made of stone and there are alcoves in the walls for the display of artifacts. Teliani Valley has many artifacts for grape growing and winemaking.

While 30 percent of Teliani Valley wines are sold on the Georgian market, 70 percent are exported to Europe including Ukraine and Poland as well as the United States.

Teliani ValleyTasting Room

The tasting room offers a darkened interior with a delightfully rustic ambiance. An aged wood press is decorated with grape leaves and a colorful rooster. Terra cotta wine vessels and a qvevri are in a museum-like area along with ceramic wine vessels. Various jugs, wood barrels and a still accompany the museum area.

Nearby are two long tables where visitors can taste Teliani Valley wines. Walls holding racks of wine bottles surround the tasting area. We tasted several wines at the table while a news team from a local Tbilisi television channel filmed.

Teliani ValleyWhite Wines

Ikalto Mtsvane 2012 was a light yellow. The aroma offered floral and tropical notes. The taste had floral and yellow stone fruit nuances. With two grams sugar per liter the wine had a perceived sweetness. The wine finish was of fresh fruit. Kisi Mtsvane 2012 was a yellow color. The aroma had apple, pear and a hint of citrus. The taste had floral, apple and pear nuances. The finish was crisp and fruity. Rkatsiteli 2011 Qvevri spent six months in qvevri on the chacha (pomace.) The wine was a golden color. The wine offered floral and dried fruit on the aroma. The taste reminded one of yellow stone fruits. The finish had chewy tannins accompanied by dried fruits.

Red Wines

Alaverdi (village) Saperavi 2012 was produced with 100 percent Saperavi. The wine was a dark ruby color. Cassis and leather notes were on the aroma. The taste offered dark fruit with cassis and leather notes. The fruity finish had chewy tannins. Khasnni (village) Saperavi 2011 was a dark purple to black color. The aroma and taste had black currant notes. The finish had chewy tannins and fruit notes.

Teliani ValleyTourism

In addition to the dedicated tasting room, Teliani Valley offers guest lodging located on the second floor of the office building. Only seven rooms are available but each room is named for a grape variety.

Activities for tourists change depending upon the season. During the fall, visitors can participate in several types of activities related to harvest. Teliana Valley also arranges tours of Kakheti that include a visit to Signagi, Ninotsminda cathedral, Tsinandali, and Gremi Fortress. For visitors interested in touring Teliani Valley Winery, the tour is for one hour and includes Georgian winemaking history and wine production as well as viewing different areas of the winery.

When planning to visit Teliani Valley, contact them in advance for information about wine tastings and tours of the region.

Teliani Valley
Tbilisi highway 3

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