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6th Day in Georgia: Birthplace of Wine

Twins Wine Cellar in Napareuli

Our 6th day in Georgia, the cradle of wine, was amazing. The sun was warm and a slight breeze was delightful as we harvested two of Georgia’s indigenous grapes,the first was Rkatsiteli. As we harvested we sorted the grapes, leaving behind the few grapes that would not add to the flavor of the wines. We returned to Twins  Wine Cellar in Napareuli where a smaller vineyard with Saperavi was ready to be harvested and we spent a little time harvesting these grapes.

Twins Wine Cellar in Napareuli has 100 or so qvevris, handmade clay pots inserted in the ground where wines are fermented and aged. Special techniques are used when making these wines including cleaning with cherry bark and burning sulfur inside the qvevri. We helped to crush Rkatsiteli grapes and before long we added the crushed grapes to the 75-liter qvevri and covered the top.

It was a long day but very enjoyable. Twins Wine Cellar in Napareuli offers a terrific agritourism experience for visitors. In addition to the wine, Twins Wine Cellar offers experiences in the vineyard and winery during the year. Visitors can lodge at the winery hotel in Napareuli and enjoy a meal at the winery. Be sure to check out the winery website.

Before arriving back at Chateau Mere for the evening we stopped at Lopota Lake, a resort for a sumptuous dinner. Views of the manmade lake with the Caucasus Mountains in the background were eye-catching. Dinner included sausage wrapped in crepes, chicken, tomato salad, fresh baked bread and much more.

Looking forward to visiting more Georgian wineries this week.


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