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Georgia Wines and Spirits (GWS)
Kathy and Terry Sullivan

Georgia Wines and SpiritsSummary: Georgian Wines and Spirits also referred to as GWS is a large Georgian winery located in Achinebuli, Georgia. The winery produces several appellation controlled wine varieties. The facility produces both wines and Chacha.

Our visit to Georgia (Sakartvelo) occurred during harvest season. As we approached the winery we saw a long line of large trucks filled with freshly harvested grapes waiting for admittance through the gate before they could have their grapes weighed. After we left the winery we counted at least 40 trucks waiting in line and suspected that many of them might be there during the night until the early morning hours.

Even visitors must go through a secured gate to visit the winery. After receiving the required permission to enter, we were shown to the press pad where a truckload of Saperavi was dumped into a destemmer before going on to the fermentation tank.

Georgia Wines and Spirits is a busy winery producing 2,000,000 bottles of wine. They have 244 hectares (602 acres) of vineyards in Georgia including a vineyard in Western Georgia in Racha. The Georgia vineyards primarily grow Saperavi and Rkatsiteli varieties.
The winery was started in 1993 and focused on producing wine. The original buildings were built by the old Soviet Union in 1974. Today Georgia Wines and Spirits is owned by MGEORGIA and employs 110 people.

Georgia Wines and SpiritsGeorgia Wines and SpiritsThe GWS facility has a qvevri room in a separate structure on the property. The building is made of brick and stonewalls with a tiled floor. Several qvevri are buried under the floor, evident by the telltale circles in the floor. These qvevris are not currently being used; however, GWS plans to use them in the future and they have been recently cleaned. There is also a collection of artifacts dating back 2,000 years displayed along the wall in the qvevri room.

The main winery production area is in another building on the large property. At the time of our visit, a sparkling wine was bottled. The winery has a state-of-the-art laboratory.

Georgia Wines and SpiritsOak barrels are used for producing wine and Chacha. Both American and Caucasian oak barrels are used in the winery. On the head of a barrel we noticed, burned into the wood, a rider on a horse with the words Georgia – Cradle of Wine.

Georgia Wines and SpiritsGWS Wines

Some of the wines are in the Tamada line and show a drawing of people sitting at a Supra with the Tamada in the center. The Tamada is the toast master throughout the meal. Tsinandali 2011 Appellation Controlled was a blend of Rkatiseli and Mtsvane. The wine was a light yellow color. The aroma reminded one of apple and pear notes. The taste also had apple and pear notes but with a hint of citrus. The finish was crisp and fruity. This wine had a perceived sweetness but only had 1.5g sugar per liter. Mtsvane 2012 was a light yellow. The aroma and taste were of pear and yellow stone fruit notes.

Napareuli 2008 Appellation Controlled was made from Saperavi grapes and was a dark ruby to purple color. The aroma was of dark fruits and oak. The taste reminded one of blackberry with hints of plum and cloves. The finish had bold tannins with fruit and spice. Mukuzani 2009 Appellation Controlled was also made with Saperavi grapes and was a dark purple color. The aroma had dark fruits and the taste had blackberries and cassis notes. The fruity finish offered bold tannins.

Georgia Wines and SpiritsGWS Chacha

The Chacha Supreme was aged for at least 11 months in oak barrels. The Chacha was a dark yellow, with an aroma of alcohol and sweet vanilla. The taste was smooth with heat. The finish offered notes of vanilla with a hint of caramel.


The winery exports to numerous countries including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Armenia and the United States.

Georgia Wine and Spirits (GWS)
Achinebuli. Georgia











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