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Georgian Food

Terry Sullivan

Mother's Bread Khachapuri is another Georgian dish that we had at many meals. Khachapuri is a cheese bread that has regional differences.
Mother's Bread
Some link khachapuri to pizza without a red sauce and plenty of cheese. This khachapuri is filled and topped with cheese.
Mother's Bread
Different regions have different versions of khachapuri. We had this version, with an egg in the middle, while in Batumi.
Mother's Bread For a variation of khachapuri, try lobiani. It is stuffed with a bean paste.
khachapuri We did not have a chance to make khachapuri while in Georgia, so we made it at home. There are numerous recipes on the Internet. We chose a recipe that had a 5-star rating on Food.com. We used ingredients that we had on hand. The two cheeses we used were cheddar and goat's cheese. We substituted cumin for coriander. It takes awhile to make since you need to let the dough set and then later rise.










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