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Day 13 in Georgia (Sakartvelo): Birthplace of Wine

Yesterday morning we woke up to rain in Batumi, Georgia’s Sheraton Hotel. Within view of our hotel is the Black Sea and an amazing architecture building that has a floor for each letter of the Georgian alphabet. As we traveled to our first stop the Georgian Wine House, it rained quite heavily. The river we traveled along was moving rapidly and numerous waterfalls appeared to have sprung up overnight.

In about a half hour, we reached the Georgian Wine House, a relatively new winery in Georgia, opening in 2010. The building, while built new, fits in well with the landscape and Georgia’s renowned history.

The Georgina Wine House features three grape varieties: Chkhaveri, Tsolikouri, and Rkatsiteli. Chkhaveri and Tsolikouri varieties go back many centuries.

The Georgian Wine House has numerous private events including weddings and birthday celebrations. Adjacent to the Georgian Wine House is a vineyard. They also source grapes from other growers.

Unfortunately due to the heavy rains the roads became impassable, so there were no more wineries to visit on Sunday. We had time to write and later walk along the Black Sea with umbrellas of course!

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