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Georgian Food

Terry Sullivan

Khinkali Churchkhela is a confection made with grape juice and nuts. The juice is cooked down into a thick syrup, flour is often added. Nuts are stringed together and dipped into the grape juice mixture.
Kathy is dipping a string of nuts into the thickened grape juice. We made churchkhela one evening while at Chateau Mere.
When pulled out of the pot, the churchkhela resembles a dipped candle. Some think it resembles a sausage.
Terry also dipped walnuts into the thick grape juice mixture. Churchkhela is made in the autumn when grapes and nuts are available. We made ours with walnuts. Almonds are also used in parts of Georgia.
Churchkhela needs to air dry. Tamta attached her churchkhela to a stick. The churchkhela will be left to dry for a few days. For serving the string in the churchkhela is pulled out and the tasty confection is sliced.










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