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Winery Khareba
Kathy Sullivan

Winery KharebaSummary: Winery Khareba is a large and unique Georgian winery offering tours and tastings conducted inside long manmade tunnels lined with wine. Visitors can have a unique experience tasting Khareba wines in a tunnel. Winery Khareba produces three million bottles of wine.

Winery KharebaWhile parking at Khareba visitors are likely to note a shady park area where qvevri are used as decorations and to create a waterfall. The winery itself is built into a hill on the other side of the parking area. The winery stretches upwards to a fifth floor where views of the land are picturesque. A Georgian flag proudly flies at the entrance to the tunnels.

Winery KharebaExtensive Tunnels

Winery Khareba is constructed of 15 tunnels. Two tunnels reaching 800 meters are parallel to each other and connect the other tunnels that are 500 meters. The walls of the tunnels are lined with thousands of bottles of Khareba wines. The tunnels keeps the temperature relatively constant and cool facilitating the storage of wine.

Khareba was established in 2004. Today the winery has 1,000 hectares (2,471 acres) of vineyards throughout Georgia. They have 16 grape varieties and 13 different wines. Some grape varieties include: Tsitska, Krakhulna, Mtsvane, Khikhvi, Kisi, Tsolikouri, Rkatsiteli, Usakhelouri, Saperavi, Otskhanuri saphere and Aladasturi. Khareba produces 3,000,000 bottles of wine. They produce qvevri wines at another facility location.

After our tasting at a counter in the subdued lighted tunnels, we were able to take a small elevator from the tunnel to the top floor with views of the countryside including a waterfall. Khareba has a winery restaurant with a wide range of items on the menu. Special private events can take place at the winery including weddings.

Winery Visiting Packages

Winery Khareba offers four different packages available for visitors to purchase. To view the tunnels is the lowest cost option.  The second package is a tunnel visit and two wines to taste. The third package offers visitors four wines to taste and activities such as making churchkhela, Chacha degustation or baking Georgian bread. The final option is the premium level and includes three additional wine varieties to taste, plus a barbeque. More information is available on the winery website.

Winery KharebaWines

Krakuna 2012 was a straw colored European-style wine. The aroma and taste offered notes of apple and citrus while the taste also had hints of pear. The finish was crisp and fruity.  Tsitska 2011 was a light yellow European-style wine. The wine offered floral nuances with some apple and pear hints. The finish was crisp. Rkatiseli 2012 was a dark gold qvevri wine. The wine notes had dried fruit and floral notes with the taste yielding to dried fruit. Tannins were on the floral finish.

Saperavi 2010 was a dark ruby color. The aroma was of cherry and black fruits. The taste offered notes of cherry, blackberry and plum. The finish had tannins with black fruit nuances. Saperavi 2011 was made in a qvevri. The label shows a qvevri and uses the title Monastery Wines. The wine was a dark ruby with floral and black cherry notes. The finish was fruity with bold tannins.

When visiting Winery Khareba ask to taste Khareba’s qvevri and European-style wines.
If visiting the area, consider a tour of the tunnels, a degustation or plan to visit the restaurant.

Winery Khareba
Kvareli, Kakheti, Georgia








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