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Celebrate National Carrot Cake Day Paired with Ice Cider!

Celebrating National Carrot Cake Day? Try pairing carrot cake with cider or ice cider!

An Influence of a Champagne Family on a North American Winery

This year’s International Wine Tourism Conference takes place in Reims in the Champagne wine region of France. Our thoughts begin to explore this region and the people that make champagne. In our travels to wineries and vineyards in Canada and the United States, we met many winemakers and vineyardists that are from France. Many have […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Vin de Glace and Cidre de Glace

There are wine drinkers that will scoff at the idea of trying a sweet wine; however, at the proper time and place many wine enthusiasts enjoy dessert wines. A category of dessert wines is vin de glace or Icewine. Icewines are made with grapes left in the vineyard until the temperature reaches -8º Celsius (17.6º […]

Watch A Winemaker Disgorge a Bottle of Sparkling Wine by Hand

On a recent visit to Quebec, we visited Le Cep d’Argent where we were very fortunate to have an opportunity to talk with François Scieur the winemaker and master of sparkling wines. François demonstrated disgorgement of a bottle of sparkling wine by hand.

Reflections on Quebec Wineries

Yes there are wineries in Quebec. Yes, they have vineyards are a growing grapes. Yes, they make excellent Vin de Glace, Icewine, although most growers have to alter their methods a bit different than growers in Ontario. At an earlier conference this year a writer asked me why I was going to visit wineries in […]

Visiting Quebec Wineries

Today we are leaving the beautiful province of Quebec where we have spent a week visiting wineries and cideries from Quebec City to Montreal. It’s a bittersweet leaving as we have enjoyed meeting so many passionate winemakers.

Quebec Wow! Factor for a Winery

While on the wine trails in Quebec, we visited Chapelle Sainte Agnès about a mile north of the Vermont border. Wow! This is how they created the wow factor for their winery and vineyard. Cheers, Terry

Vin de Glace: Quebec’s Icewine

Most of the wineries we have visited over the past few days produce a vin de glace, an Icewine. The method is slightly different than those Icewines produced in Ontario. In Quebec, the snowfall can accumulate and bury the vines. Finding the grapes would be a challenge. In order to meet this challenge, wine growers […]

The Taste of Quebec

At Vignoble de la Rivière du Chène we met an intern from France. Before she came to Quebec, people asked her why she wanted to go to Quebec. Can they make wine and grow grapes there? This is similar to a statement made to me about the lack of grape growing in the province. Kathy […]

There Are Vineyards in Quebec

“Quebec doesn’t have any vineyards. The wineries source their grapes and juice from wine regions around the world. Why would you want to travel there?” At a recent wine conference this statement was made to me by a wine writer. The reason Wine Trail Traveler’s Terry and Kathy want to travel to Quebec’s wineries is […]

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