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Visiting Quebec Wineries

Today we are leaving the beautiful province of Quebec where we have spent a week visiting wineries and cideries from Quebec City to Montreal. It’s a bittersweet leaving as we have enjoyed meeting so many passionate winemakers.

We have also met and become friends of the In Vino Veritas Travel Agency owners as well as their social media expert working for In Vino Veritas. For our three day visit of wineries in Croatia earlier this year In Vino Veritas planned our trip that included car rental, several wineries and lodging at three different wineries/vineyards. Everything was very easy when someone else has planned the itinerary.

In Vino Veritas also planned our trip to Quebec, where we learned about Quebec’s wine history and we visited 20 wineries including the cideries.

Quebec is a growing wine region and it’s microclimates provided the opportunity for many cold hardy varieties to grow as well as some vineyards using special techniques to grow some of the world’s popular vinifera grapes.

If you are planning to visit Quebec for a vacation or holiday, stop by some of the wineries to discover what they have to offer you.

Cheers! Kathy

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