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Lending Vineyard Assistance

Temperatures in central Maryland have finally warmed and spring is becoming a memory. It was a long cool and wet spring. As memories go, I thought about vineyard scenes that we have experienced in our travels. Vineyards tell a story during the entire year. Springtime sets the stage for new life budding forth. At times nature’s helpers lend assistance.

As I was looking over my vineyard pictures, my favorite was a ladybug attending new vineyard growth. The photo was taken at Pomar Junction Vineyard & Winery during our April visit. The ladybug on the caps showcases a moment in time. Over the course of the remaining spring and summer months, the vine will show many changes. Photography can capture quieter moments.

Polar Junction vineyard in Templeton, California during April

Pomar Junction vineyard in Templeton, California during April

If you enjoy photography, grab a camera and head to vineyards to see what you can capture. Vineyards offer photogenic opportunities twelve months of a year. Enjoy!


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