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Pruning Grapevines is a Necessity

This week I received an email about pruning from Lis Neris, a winery in the Friuli region of Italy.

Southern France is Planting Sangiovese

One of the first Sangiovese wines I tasted was while visiting Tuscany. I still remember the wine, the experience and the beautiful Italian lifestyle. Now whenever, I have a glass of Sangiovese to enjoy, I look into that glass of red wine and remember Italy, wine, food and a way of life. I was rather […]

American Grape Varieties

I just finished reading an excellent article suggested by the website Drinklocalwine.com. The article Indigenous American Grape Varieties, A Primer by David Mark Brown is available on Plate Press. The author begins with the question, “Can American Vitis species produce wines that compare with those made from vinifera on a global stage?” In this article, […]

Grapevines in the Home Garden

I just looked at the few grapevines we have in the yard. The Niagara grapes which were the size of a pinhead  just a few weeks ago are now much bigger and I can hardly wait. Unfortunately due our trip to Colorado, weeds and shrubbery and too much rain has started to take its toll. […]

Winter Winery Visits

Occasionally, we are asked, “Why visit wineries in the winter?” On a very cold day, January 2007, we visited a winery that had originally been a barn. The heating system had a difficult time, heating the building and the floor was cement. Dressed warmly, the cold seeped into our bones. On the positive side, I […]

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