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Tag Archives: Vinifera

Magic in a Bottle Book Review

In 2019 Clifford Annis, Jr. published the book Magic in a Bottle: The Untold Story of Arnie Esterer and Markko Vineyard.  This non-fiction book is written in a conversational style that makes it a friendly, easy-to-read book. Magic in a Bottle centers around Arnie Esterer the renowned winemaker and vineyard owner of Markko Vineyard. The […]

American Grape Varieties

I just finished reading an excellent article suggested by the website Drinklocalwine.com. The article Indigenous American Grape Varieties, A Primer by David Mark Brown is available on Plate Press. The author begins with the question, “Can American Vitis species produce wines that compare with those made from vinifera on a global stage?” In this article, […]

Vinifera: The World’s Great Wine Grapes and their Stories

Browsing online wine-related books a couple of weeks ago, I came across a set of grape variety cards. The set of cards is entitled, Vinifera: The World’s Great Wine Grapes and their Stories. I decided to order the cards with some reservations. They arrived yesterday. Included in the set are 45 cards with vibrant photos […]

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