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Would the Patron Saint of Beekeepers Like Mead?

December 7 is the feast day of St. Ambrose of Milan, patron saint of beekeepers. Without honey, there would be no mead.

Looking for an Icelandic Wine but Find Mead and Cider

On the way home from the International Wine Tourism Conference in France, we decided to stay in Iceland for a couple of days. Iceland Air allows travelers the opportunity to spend a few days in Iceland without an additional airline fee.

As we always do, before leaving home, we decided to find out if any wine is made in Iceland. To our pleasant surprise we came across a fruit wine supposedly produced in Iceland.

Wine for Easter Dinner

With Easter only a week away, consider what wine you will be serving with dinner. Of course, you’re favorite wine store or winery tasting room should be able to help you with what pairs well with your dinner. If you don’t care for their suggestions, choose a wine that you like. For Easter dinner, our […]

So How Is the Mead?

Yesterday I commented on racking the mead that finished fermentation. Of course we tasted it. Currently it has a yellow opaque color. The wonderful aroma is honey and floral. The taste is honey. The finish is dry, although there is a slight sweetness that may be perceived. The mead is 12 percent alcohol. There was […]

Secondary Fermentation of Mead is Completed

My mead has stopped its fermentation so I decided to rack it off the lees. I had to decide what size container to rack it into. The current three-gallon carboy had too much headspace. For aging, the mead should be filled into the neck of the container. Less oxygen will come in contact with the […]

Update on My Mead

Two weeks ago I placed the carboy of mead on top of a freezer in the laundry room. This room keeps a constant temperature in the low sixties. Fermentation has been consistent during those two weeks about three bubbles through the water in the air lock every seven seconds. Yesterday, I took a reading of […]

Making Mead – Day 2 and 3

By yesterday morning, the must for the mead was letting off CO2 through the air lock every second. According to the directions we used, it was time to add a nutrient and energizer. As soon as Superferment was added, foaming began and ran down the sides of the carboy. It looked like the opening scene […]

Our First Attempt at Making Mead

We had a great time yesterday morning beginning the process of making mead. We began with sterilizing everything. This being a necessary process is anything but fun but as soon as that was done, we were on our way. The directions we followed indicated that the water needed to be 109 degrees. While heating the […]

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