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Our First Attempt at Making Mead

We had a great time yesterday morning beginning the process of making mead. We began with sterilizing everything. This being a necessary process is anything but fun but as soon as that was done, we were on our way. The directions we followed indicated that the water needed to be 109 degrees. While heating the water, we sprinkled the yeast (Lalvin K1-V1116) over warm water. When everything was ready, we poured the wonderful wildflower honey from my brother’s apiary into the water. We used Deer Park water to avoid chemicals in the tap water. The water and honey mixture needed to be stirred well until the honey and water were thoroughly mixed. At this point, we put the honey/water into the three-gallon carboy and added the softened yeast. We mixed the must briskly for five minutes. The hydrometer readings were a specific gravity of 1.090 and potential alcohol of 12 percent. After adding the air lock, we were prepared to wait for quite a while as other winemakers had told us that fermentation with honey could take a long time. However, by evening the air lock was emitting CO2 every two seconds. Here’s to hoping that when fermentation is finished and the mead is bottled, we have some good mead. Cheers!

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