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The Difference the Spelling of Icewine Can Make!

A visit to Canada’s wine regions will acquaint visitors very quickly as to what makes an Icewine. Canadian winemakers take Icewine very seriously. The VQA sets strict guidelines for producing Icewines. In British Columbia Icewine production is under the Vintners Quality Alliance BC and in Ontario they are overseen by the VQA Ontario. Some interesting […]

Canadian Wines Sold in China

Have you noticed that when you go shopping at the malls or stand-alone stores, that the majority of items seem to be made outside of the US? Occasionally, there will be goods from Korea, Thailand, India and other countries but by far it appears that most are from China. An article about wine sold in […]

Markham Vineyards Sponsors Community Involvement

Markham Vineyards, a Napa Valley Winery believes in giving back to the community. The winery is involved in many charitable organizations including United Way, Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation, Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, Napa Valley Vintners Annual Auction, Make it Right Foundation, Lili Claire Foundation, City of Hope, Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind, and […]

Celebrating Inauguration Day with Wine

When you are celebrating today’s Inauguration, will you be enjoying wine? What kind of wine will you choose? Today an important day in American history should be celebrated with an American wine. This is one day that only occurs every four years in the United States and I believe that we should show our support […]

Do Only the French Make Quality Wines?

Recently, a blog site has had comments discussing wines in the United States and France. One post went as far a saying that only French wines had great quality and that US wines could not compare.

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