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The Difference the Spelling of Icewine Can Make!

A visit to Canada’s wine regions will acquaint visitors very quickly as to what makes an Icewine. Canadian winemakers take Icewine very seriously. The VQA sets strict guidelines for producing Icewines. In British Columbia Icewine production is under the Vintners Quality Alliance BC and in Ontario they are overseen by the VQA Ontario. Some interesting […]

Thanksgiving Eve Dinner Wines and Port in Wine

I really couldn’t tell if adding some Port to the decanter helped my Cabernet Sauvignon or not. I do know that if you have a glass of Port before the Cabernet Sauvignon, my Cabernet Sauvignon is much better. On the other hand, those who had the wine said it was fine for a table wine. […]

Icewine or Iced Wine

Icewine was first produced in Germany. Today Canada is the major producer of a true icewine. Other areas that do not have cold enough temperatures to create icewine use intervention methods to create a wine that mimics icewine. For the consumer, this wine may be identified as “iced wine.” Grapes for icewine must be picked […]

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