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Icewine or Iced Wine

Icewine was first produced in Germany. Today Canada is the major producer of a true icewine. Other areas that do not have cold enough temperatures to create icewine use intervention methods to create a wine that mimics icewine. For the consumer, this wine may be identified as “iced wine.” Grapes for icewine must be picked while the grapes are frozen on the vine at a certain temperature or lower and then pressed while still frozen. To make an “iced wine” the grapes are frozen in a deep freeze and processed. What is the difference? According to one winemaker, the difference is in the nuances of the icewine. The icewine will have flavors that are achieved from the grapes hanging on the vine. For the consumer if you are only looking for a very sweet wine then the iced wine will do but if you are seeking a wine with more nuances you will want an icewine.

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