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Thanksgiving Eve Dinner Wines and Port in Wine

I really couldn’t tell if adding some Port to the decanter helped my Cabernet Sauvignon or not. I do know that if you have a glass of Port before the Cabernet Sauvignon, my Cabernet Sauvignon is much better. On the other hand, those who had the wine said it was fine for a table wine. The off taste from oak dust (I will never add oak dust again) wasn’t present. Perhaps the Port had some effect on this or aging. There was more of an aroma and fruit taste than previous. The present verdict is that it is an OK table wine.

Today, Thanksgiving Eve, everyone will be gathered for dinner. With the usual big traditional dinner planned for tomorrow, we had to decide what to have today. Since our family likes Italian we are going with an Italian meal. One dish will be Ziti Pizza, a pizza made from ziti and topped as one would a regular pizza with a red sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni. We are also planning a spaghetti with Alfredo sauce. Some in our family get quickly tired of one pasta type entrée, so we are going to have two different entrees. Added to this is fresh baked bread, green salad and carrot cake. For wines I will have my Cabernet Sauvignon table wine and a Miyone Granacha. I like Granacha wines. They pair well with many foods including Italian. After the dessert, I’ll bring out the real dessert, an Icewine. I haven’t decided which one yet, but it will be a traditional icewine where the grapes were harvested at 17 degrees or colder as opposed to a fake iced wine where the grapes are harvested in the fall and frozen in a freezer. I’ll let you know tomorrow which Icewine I’ve selected and which one I’ll have for Thanksgiving.

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