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WineNotes: Grape Variety: Pinot Noir

Discover more about Pinot Noir.

12 Grapes, a New Year’s Tradition

Yesterday, I wrote that one of the customs for celebrating New Year’s involves eating 12 grapes at midnight. Each grape represents a month of the year. Save leftover grapes for this Grape Parfait recipe for New Year’s Day.

Discover Petit Verdot

During the past few weeks, while visiting wineries we are coming across additional wines produced with Petit Verdot grapes. So, what is significant about Petit Verdot?
Petit Verdot is one of the grape varieties that can be used in crafting Bordeaux blends.

An Unusual Class at a Napa Winery: Ampelograhy

There is a field of science, ampelography where students learn to identify grape varieties by the leaf. A Napa winery is offering a ampelography class.

Randall Grahm: Goal is to Create The First New World Grand Cru at Popelouchum

Randall Grahm, California winemaker and author, is reaching out to numerous wine enthusiasts about a new project he is developing.

Sonoma County Wine and Cheese

In the US wine industry, Napa Valley probably has the highest name recognition of all of the wine regions. However, as good as Napa Valley destinations and wines are, wine enthusiasts will want to check out the wineries in Sonoma County.

Carroll County, Georgia Grants First Winery Permit

West of Atlanta, Georgia is Carroll County. This county has taken its first steps into becoming a wine region by granting a permit for the establishment of a winery.

Make Your Own Wine with Chilean Grapes

Learning to make wine is a great way to learn more about wine. Wine enthusiasts can learn and experience the entire process. This is the year to make your own barrel of wine. This spring Tin Lizzie Wineworks in Howard County, Maryland is bringing in Chilean grapes and juice to produce wine. This is a […]

Help Needed for Ice Wine Harvest

It’s not often one gets to help harvest grapes for making Ice Wine. However, Laurello Vineyards in Ohio is offering volunteers the chance to help pick grapes for Ice Wine. The harvest is scheduled for January 2 at 12Noon. The location is South Ridge Vineyard at 398 South Ridge Road East in Conneaut, OH. If […]

Where is Wine Made?

Anyone who has visited many winery tasting rooms has probably heard, “Wine is made in the vineyard.”  Wait a minute! Is the speaker trying to tell you that you can just squeeze a pound for so of grapes in the vineyard and you’ll have your glass of wine! No, I don’t think so…. The problem […]

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