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Discover Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot

During the past few weeks, while visiting wineries we are coming across additional wines produced with Petit Verdot grapes. So, what is significant about Petit Verdot?

Petit Verdot is one of the grape varieties that can be used in crafting Bordeaux blends. The grape is typically used to provide a darker, more intense color. It is also used to add additional flavors and tannins. Traditionally Petition Verdot is used for blending. At some wineries , Petit Verdot may be found as a stand alone varietal wine.

Notes to look for in any wines produced with Petit Verdot include: black fruits like blackberry, spice (black pepper),  leather, vanilla, oak, smoke, toast, and cedar. The thick skins of the grape also provide substantial tannins.

Petit Verdot prior to veraison

Petit Verdot prior to veraison

Petit Verdot grapevines can be discovered in Bordeaux, Spain, Portugal, Italy,  Australia, Chile,  Argentina, Canada, New Zealand and and in various US states including California, Washington, Virginia and Maryland.

Just like many other grape varieties, Petit Verdot is known by many other names. According to the National Grape Registry the names include: Bonton blanc, Bouton, Carmelin, Heran, Lambrusquet noir, Petit Verdau, Petit Verdot Noir, Plant de Palus, Verdau, Verdot, Verdot Petit, Verdot Rouge. However the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) has given the approval grape name as Petit Verdot.

Food Pairings

Far more interesting are the food pairings suggested for Petit Verdot. A summary of foods to consider for pairing with Petit Verdot include: an assortment of meat dishes such as grilled steak, spicy pork, lamb, veal, sausage and game. Additional ideas are spicy foods, aged hard cheeses and semi-soft cheeses.

Whenever you have the opportunity to taste a wine blend with Petit Verdot or a straight Petit Verdot wine, give it a try.



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