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Muscadine vs Muscato

I find it interesting to read answers to wine questions. Local Wine Events sends out a newsletter that not only lists wine events in your region, but also has answers to questions. In today’s newsletter there was a question titled “Muscadine vs Muscato.” The writer wanted to know if the health benefits reported by literature […]

Will the Rain Train Effect Grapes?

Some on the east coast were introduced to a meteorology term “training” also called the “rain train.” From southern Virginia to New York, a narrow swatch of land witnessed a few inches to a few feet of rain that kept on pelting the area for several days. This rain system came on the heels of […]

Visit Thousand Islands Winery this Summer!

The Thousand Islands region of the United States and Canada is home to a variety of attractions for tourists. The official tourism bureau for the region is http://www.visit1000islands.com/visitorinfo/  Check it out! Interstate 81 that starts in Tennessee goes through Syracuse New York and finally ends in the Thousand Islands region. Shortly before the Interstate ends, […]

Walla Walla Limited Amount of Rain – Wheat and Grapes Thrive

Walla Walla, Washington is located in an area where wheat and grapes thrive. Despite the fact that Walla Walla’s average rainfall varies between 12 to 20 inches annually, both wheat and wine grapes do well. This lack of rainfall does not seem to be a problem for the residents of Walla Walla. They talk about […]

Many Possibilities When Choosing a Wine

When choosing to purchase a bottle of wine, what criteria are you judging the wine on? According to a recent survey, price is the number one priority. However, there are many other criteria to consider. Wine lovers have numerous other options after price. For example, here are a few things to consider. Red or White […]

Join the Wine Century Club

The Wine Century Club is an interesting club to join and it’s free to participate. This wine club is not about how much you drink but instead focuses on how many varieties you have tasted. If you have a blend you can count each varietal grape in the blend. The application is at http://www.winecentury.com/membership.php and […]

Health Benefits from Grapes?

In an article entitled, “Vineyards Try Health Drinks to Squeeze More From the Grapes,” (Timesonline) the author Adam Sage, writes about another possible use for grapes besides wine. How many more uses can be discovered for grapes? People have been making wine and juice from grapes for centuries. When I was young, my mother would […]

Wisconsin: A Tempting Place to Live

During our visit to Wisconsin wineries in June, we had incredible weather. Since this was our first visit to Wisconsin we were unsure as to what clothes to wear – would it be cold, cool or warm? We arrived on the first day with sweaters and a coat. It was not exactly the best choice; […]

The Western Colorado Ag Experiment Station at Orchard Mesa

The Experiment Station is conducting research that ultimately can help improve the quality of grapes and winemaking in Colorado. The Colorado grape industry has grown since 1985 when there were between 15 and 20 acres of grapes in the state. Now there are over 800 acres of vineyards producing grapes and hundreds more planted that […]

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