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Affects of Torrential Rains on Vineyards in the East

This year on the East Coast vineyards showed a lot of potential for a great harvest until Hurricane Katia came along followed by the rain train, where Hurricane Katia and Hurricane Lee had become tropical storms that rotated and kept a constant stream of rain clouds caught between the two swirling masses. The rain train […]

Father’s Day Bash

Yesterday turned out to be an awesome day. The weather was perfect as we celebrated Father’s Day with a Father’s Day Bash at one of my niece’s that included a long list of extended family members. There were sisters, brothers, moms, fathers and many, many children. I started with a margarita, actually two. They were […]

Another Winery and Trade Show Conference Emerges on the East Coast

The East Coast is becoming more recognized as a growing and vibrant winery and vineyard region. Data shows that several East Coast states have over a hundred wineries including New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina. Other states with wineries in the east include New Jersey, Georgia, Delaware, Florida and New England states. A recent […]

Wineries Unlimited Conference is Next Week!

It’s not too late to decide to attend the Wineries Unlimited Conference in Richmond, Virginia. If you are interested or involved in any part of the wine industry, this is the Conference to attend on the East Coast this year! The Trade Show will have 300 exhibitors showing a variety of wine industry quality items […]

Two East Coast Festivals for September 18-19

On the East Coast, there are two great wine festivals on the weekend of September 18 and 19. The mid- Atlantic states are delightful to visit in September. The temperatures tend to cool off especially at night and humid days are infrequent. While planning a visit to either of these two wine festivals, you may […]

Walla Walla Limited Amount of Rain – Wheat and Grapes Thrive

Walla Walla, Washington is located in an area where wheat and grapes thrive. Despite the fact that Walla Walla’s average rainfall varies between 12 to 20 inches annually, both wheat and wine grapes do well. This lack of rainfall does not seem to be a problem for the residents of Walla Walla. They talk about […]

Easy Pasta Salad Recipe with Vidal

On the East Coast some of us are getting relief from the drought and heat the past summer days have brought. This morning we woke to a delightfully soft rainfall that is hopefully soaking the soil and giving relief to gardens and vineyards. During the warm and hot summer days, cold and easy summer recipes […]

Plantation Punch Recipe for the 4th of July

The Fourth of July promises to be hot on the East Coast and no matter where you will be celebrating July 4th if you need a large, cool beverage think about this easy to make wine punch recipe that was provided by Bruce Perrygo when we visited Ingleside Vineyards a couple of years ago. It […]

Your Own Barrel of Wine at Vint Hill Craft Winery

Discover the fun, enjoy the satisfaction and learn winemaking at Vint Hill Craft Winery. Vint Hill Craft Winery offers the opportunity for wine lovers to craft their very own barrel of wine. Vint Hill Craft Winery is the creation of Chris Pearmund, owner and executive winemaker of Pearmund Cellars and business executive Ray Summerell. Here on […]

East Coast Vineyards Brace for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

East Coast Vineyards Brace for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes Every year the East Coast of the United States has to deal with tropical storms and hurricanes. Too much rain shortly before harvest particularly affects the quality of the grapes. This in turn affects the quality of the wine. In response to the tropical storm Hanna, […]

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