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East Coast Vineyards Brace for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

East Coast Vineyards Brace for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

Every year the East Coast of the United States has to deal with tropical storms and hurricanes. Too much rain shortly before harvest particularly affects the quality of the grapes. This in turn affects the quality of the wine.

In response to the tropical storm Hanna, Max Lloyd of Grove Winery, North Carolina and his staff are working diligently to hand harvest their grapes. According to Max, “My vineyard manager and I worked a 17 hour day yesterday, a sixteen hour day the day before and our crews have been going 12 hour days.”

Located farther north, Chris Pearmund of Pearmund Cellars, Virginia wrote about the possible affect of tropical storm Hanna on his vineyards, “In 36 hours we will know, Ike poses a bigger problem in 10 days. Rain does one thing, length of wet air does
another. Both are hard on any vineyard.” He went on to talk about the importance of good vineyard management in being able to achieve a good harvest.

These storms can also have a negative affect on tourism. Brian Roeder of Barrel Oak Winery in Virginia has a creative marketing concept – a Hurricane Hanna Party. Sept 5th, 6th & 7th: Hurricane Hannah Party – Care to make a wager? Join us any time from 6pm Friday through close of business at 6pm on Sunday. If it rains while you are tasting your wine, each person tasting in your party will receive their basic tasting at no charge. Even the slightest sprinkle will get you our basic tasting of seven delicious and award-winning wines at no charge. We have plenty of space inside and out.

We wish all of the East Coast wineries, success against the whims of Mother Nature.

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