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Walla Walla Limited Amount of Rain – Wheat and Grapes Thrive

Walla Walla, Washington is located in an area where wheat and grapes thrive. Despite the fact that Walla Walla’s average rainfall varies between 12 to 20 inches annually, both wheat and wine grapes do well.

This lack of rainfall does not seem to be a problem for the residents of Walla Walla. They talk about water rights and wells as if it is easily accomplished and part of daily life.

Being from the East Coast, I am amazed with the ease that the Walla Walla residents seem to deal easily with so little water. At Pepper Bridge Winery, the water used in the winery is reclaimed and used in the vineyards.

As we visited the Walla Walla wineries, I kept thinking about how where we live in the Middle Atlantic states, it seems everyone complains if we are told to use water on even/odd days or to water outside only in the evenings, don’t wash your car and the like. Maybe more of the residents on the East Coast should think about adopting limited use of water individually before Big Government steps in and forces us to do it year round.

In other Winery notes:

Today at Laurello Vineyards in Geneva, Ohio Jim Volk will perform. On Saturday All 4 One a Cleveland band will perform Motown, Soul and more. It is suggested visitors arrive early to find a place on the covered patio. For more information about Laurello Vineyards, you can find the Wine Trail Traveler review article at http://winetrailtraveler.com/ohio/laurello.php

The Laurello Vineyards website is http://www.laurellovineyards.com/. Check the website for event details.

Have a great weekend!

Cheers! Kathy

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