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Countdown to Christmas Gift Ideas

With only a week until Christmas, are you still searching for a few last minute gifts? Check out some of these ideas for those who are connoisseurs or new to wine.

Wines for the Wine Century Club’s 7th Anniversary

Today marks the seventh anniversary of the Wine Century Club. To celebrate, the members, over 1,000 worldwide, are challenged to taste as many different varietal grapes as they can. A previous anniversary challenge netted over 300 different grape varieties. We have two wines we will add to the list, a 2009 Kerner by Lemon Creek […]

Wine Century Club Celebrates Seventh Anniversary

On Friday, June 9th, the Wine Century Club celebrates its 7th anniversary by holding a worldwide all day event. Members throughout the world are challenged to taste unusual wine varieties. The goal is for the little over one thousand members to taste wines produced from over 314 different varieties of grapes. The 314 mark is […]

Nearing Doppel Level of Wine Century Club

We download the free application for the Wine Century Club years ago and added it to our wine journey. This club is designed for novice wine drinkers to career sommeliers that enjoy the wine journey. Taste 100 different varietal grapes, send in your application and you’ll receive a certificate (suitable to frame) and membership in […]

Wine Century Club Celebrates 6th Anniversary

The Wine Century Club marks its 6th anniversary today. The club is free to join and worldwide membership has climbed to 1,023 members up from the 635 members when Kathy and I joined a couple years ago. Joining the club is easier said than done. Applicants have to complete the application form where they identify […]

Fer Servadou Varietal Grape in Virginia

Yesterday we visited Hillsborough Vineyards located in Purcellville, Virginia. The winery is located about 45 minutes from Washington, DC and an estimated one-hour from Baltimore. Currently the vineyard has eight varietal grapes that include Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Roussanne, Petit Manseng, Petit Verdot, Tannat and Fer Servadou. Fer Servadou, a red grape, is typically […]

Join the Wine Century Club

The Wine Century Club is an interesting club to join and it’s free to participate. This wine club is not about how much you drink but instead focuses on how many varieties you have tasted. If you have a blend you can count each varietal grape in the blend. The application is at http://www.winecentury.com/membership.php and […]

Wine Century Club Turns Five Years Old

The Wine Century Club turns 5 years old this spring. It has grown to 721 members. Have you heard about this club? Afterall 721 members in five years doen’t seem like a large number. However, the Wine Century Club is a great learning and fun opportunity for wine enthusiasts. The 721 members have tasted at […]

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