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Wine Century Club Celebrates 6th Anniversary

The Wine Century Club marks its 6th anniversary today. The club is free to join and worldwide membership has climbed to 1,023 members up from the 635 members when Kathy and I joined a couple years ago. Joining the club is easier said than done. Applicants have to complete the application form where they identify 100 different grape varieties in the wines they have tasted. The first 40 or so varietal grapes are easy. Then it becomes harder.

As always the Wine Century Club, created by Steve DeLong, celebrates its anniversary with a global challenge. Last year the club members collectively tasted 314 different grape varieties across the world in one day. This year’s challenge is a bit different. Members are challenged to taste wines from different wine regions. In just the United States there are over 300 wine regions. I added a Tennessee Muscadine wine to the list. Apple Barn’s Muscadine is a blend of Carlos and Magnolia. It had a yellow color, floral aroma and taste. The crisp finish was sweet making this a perfect wine for hot summer days.

If you enjoy wines and like the challenge of trying different varieties check out the Wine Century Club. Membership is free and completing the application is fun as it takes you on a voyage of wine discovery.


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