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Where is Wine Made?

Anyone who has visited many winery tasting rooms has probably heard, “Wine is made in the vineyard.”  Wait a minute! Is the speaker trying to tell you that you can just squeeze a pound for so of grapes in the vineyard and you’ll have your glass of wine! No, I don’t think so…. The problem […]

Holiday Gift Ideas at ApresVin

AprèsVin, a unique business, located in Washington State has some delightful items that may be perfect for a holiday or Christmas gift.  I’ve mentioned AprèsVin before and how delightful their infused grape seed oils are to use in the kitchen. In addition they also produce four varietal grape seed flours. The AprèsVin website now has […]

Join the Wine Century Club

The Wine Century Club is an interesting club to join and it’s free to participate. This wine club is not about how much you drink but instead focuses on how many varieties you have tasted. If you have a blend you can count each varietal grape in the blend. The application is at http://www.winecentury.com/membership.php and […]

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