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Holiday Gift Ideas at ApresVin

AprèsVin, a unique business, located in Washington State has some delightful items that may be perfect for a holiday or Christmas gift.  I’ve mentioned AprèsVin before and how delightful their infused grape seed oils are to use in the kitchen. In addition they also produce four varietal grape seed flours. The AprèsVin website now has 40 recipes available that use their products. However, if you have a recipe at home you like to use, consider adding a splash of varietal grape seed oil.

In addition to a wonderful selection of various types of grape see oils, they have now added soap produced from grape seeds. Included in the package are four soaps, Rose Riesling Pure Varietal Soap with Riesling Grape Seed Scrub, Evergreen Chardonnay Pure Varietal Soap with Chardonnay Grape Seed Scrub, Lavender Merlot Pure Varietal Soap with Merlot Grape Seed Scrub and Sage Cabernet Pure Varietal Soap with Cabernet Grape Seed Scrub.

For more information, visit the AprèsVin website. If you decide to order for the holidays, be sure to order early!

Cheers, Kathy

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