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Urban Wineries


The Infinite Monkey Theorem

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Yesterday, a Colorado news station (9news.com) featured an article “Denver has one of 10 Best Urban Wineries in US.”

The concept of urban wineries has been around for a while but the number of urban wineries is increasing. According to the AAWE paper, “The Global Urban Winery Crush, Model, Forecast and Prospect” by Wilson T. VornDick there are more than 200  wineries.

Last year we discovered that some of the wineries in the Willamette Valley are opening urban wineries in Portland because they want to bring the wine to the people. Anyone who has driven from Portland to wineries in the Willamette Valley realize that the roads are not ideal. Urban sprawl seems to have slowed the traffic down with stoplights and it can take awhile to travel.

Visiting wineries among the vineyards provides visitors and wine lovers with a remembered experience. Connecting wine with the experience may well get wine lovers to continue to search for those wines at home.

However, urban wineries without the vineyards can create a different but great experience for wine enthusiasts. Location is important as it makes it much easier for consumers to purchase wine anytime.

On the list of 10 best urban wineries, we have visited Eight Bells Winery in Seattle and The Infinite Monkey Theorem in Denver.

The list also includes New York Wine & Culinary Center. We have visited the center but do not consider it an urban winery. However, it does offer wonderful tastings, a restaurant and also focuses on the agricultural products of New York State.

Many areas of the country have urban wineries. We have visited many urban wineries around the country. Usually we enjoyed the ambiance of the  winery that might include local foods, local art and lovely wines.

Below are links to some of the urban wineries we visited.

Davenport Cellars

Davenport Cellars is in a business complex with many other types of businesses as well as thirty other wineries. Davenport Cellars’ design of their interior is unique. Upon entering this sparkling clean tasting room one is immediately aware of the spacious high walls. Light is filtered into the room through the front window blinds.

Enso Winery

Enso Winery is located in a residential/urban neighborhood of Portland. The winery is within walking distance of many vintage homes. On our visit to Enso we noted tables and chairs where people could lounge and enjoy a glass of wine with available food options.

Hip Chicks Do Wine

Hip Chicks Do Wine is a winery located in a warehouse area of Portland.

Pentamere Winery

Pentamere Winery is a “boutique urban winery” located in the small and friendly town of Tecumseh, Michigan. Pentamere is a combination of Latin and French meaning Five Lakes.

Watch for urban wineries opening in your region.

Cheers, Kathy



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