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Tag Archives: wine pairing

WineNotes: Grape Variety: Alvarinho

Discover the Alvarinho/Albariño grape variety that produces an aromatic white wine.

Jelly Beans Aren’t Just for Easter! Pair with Wine

Rather than just chomping down jelly beans during Easter, why not enjoy gourmet jelly beans throughout the year. Wine lovers may be intrigued with the idea of pairing gourmet jelly beans with wines.

Syrah: An Intriguing Red Wine

Syrah is an intriguing wine to learn about and a delicious wine to pair with many entrées.

A Proper Pink Wine from Bonny Doon Vineyard

Last night we had a typical summer-type dinner that included grilled chicken, homemade potato salad and a spinach salad with bacon and hardboiled eggs. What to pair with such a feast? Our decision was a rosé wine produced by Bonny Doon Vineyard in California.

Halloween for Wine and Candy Lovers

Have you considered pairing candy with wine? Usually this topic comes up when talking about chocolate pairings. Numerous wineries offer chocolate and wine pairings. What about all the different types of Halloween candy, whether you are thinking about Skittles, licorice or candy corn? Is it possible to pair wine with seasonal Halloween candies?

An Apple and Wine Pairing Experience at a Country Market

Country stores and markets can offer a surprise when visiting them. Each one is unique and I enjoy looking over the variety of fruits, vegetables and other unusual and sometimes one of a kind items to be found. Some country farm markets have wine available and others produce their own wines. Don’t miss the recipe at the end of the blog for an apple and peach honey appetizer.

Hands for Haiti Now, Dinner at South Coast Winery

Haiti’s earthquake was in January. Since then there was a major earthquake in Chile and many other smaller weather and climate issues throughout the world. Somehow it seems that the earthquake in Haiti was long ago and not foremost in the news any longer. Hands for Haiti  Now has been created and features master celebrity […]

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