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Hands for Haiti Now, Dinner at South Coast Winery

Haiti’s earthquake was in January. Since then there was a major earthquake in Chile and many other smaller weather and climate issues throughout the world. Somehow it seems that the earthquake in Haiti was long ago and not foremost in the news any longer. Hands for Haiti  Now has been created and features master celebrity chefs dinners.

Hands for Haiti Now reminds us that Haitians are still in need. Just imagine if your city or town was destroyed in a few minutes how long it would take to rebuild it and make sure that people had ample food, shelter, clothing and medical supplies.

Next weekend, on March 20, 2010 South Coast Winery Resort & Spa will be hosting the first in a series of major dinner events prepared by five chefs. This five-course meal will be paired with five South Coast wines.  The cost is $125 per person. For more information about this South Coast Winery dinner, visit their website. To discover more of these special dinners to be held throughout the country to benefit Haiti, visit the Hands for Haiti Now website.

Kudos to Hands for Haiti Now!

Cheers! Kathy

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