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Syrah: An Intriguing Red Wine


France and Australia are well known for growing Syrah/Shiraz grapes. However, Syrah can also be found growing in other warm climate areas. The grape variety dates back to the 1100s in France. Legends abound in the wine world with Syrah. One legend notes that the grape variety may have come from Sicily, and another legend suggests Iran. 

Syrah is bottled as a straight varietal and also used in blends, especially with Grenache. Syrah can also be used in producing sparkling wine. 

Ancestors of Syrah include Dureza, a lesser known red grape variety, and Mondeuse Blanche, a white insignificant grape. Petite Sirah, another popular variety, is the offspring of Syrah. 

Depending on where Syrah is grown and on winemaking techniques, a large number of wine notes will be discovered as one tastes a number of Syrah wines.” Excerpt from A Wine Tourist’s Guide: Visiting Tasting Rooms

Aroma and Taste of Syrah

Syrah wines offer a wonderful range of aroma and taste notes. Anyone who is enjoying a glass of Syrah can look for notes of blackberry, black currant, plum, grass, dark chocolate, spice, licorice, cloves, vanilla, leather, cherry, earth, pepper, smoke, or toast.

Food Matching for Syrah

Syrahs pair wonderfully with a variety of entrées including: grilled meat, pork, fish and poultry. Since it is terrific with grilled meat, remember to have Syrah in your wine cellar for the upcoming warmer days of spring and summer.

Is there a Connection between Syrah and Shiraz?

In Iran there is a centuries-old city named Shiraz. Until the Revolution in 1979, it was a large wine area for centuries. Is there a  relationship between Syrah and the Shiraz wines from that area? According to a BBC article, The Secret Behind Iran’s Fabled Wine, by Anahita Shams, DNA testing of Syrah in France showed there is no connection to the centuries old Shiraz wines in Iran. The article is interesting and also discusses the Australian produced Shiraz. If  you enjoy wine and a bit of history, you will enjoy the article.

Fortunately, for wine enthusiasts Syrah wines are easily available in the United States.


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