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An Apple and Wine Pairing Experience at a Country Market

Apple, peach honey appetizer at Das Peach Haus, Texas

Apple, peach honey appetizer at Das Peach Haus, Texas

Country stores and markets can offer a surprise when visiting them. Each one is unique and I enjoy looking over the variety of fruits, vegetables and other unusual and sometimes one of a kind items to be found. Some country farm markets have wine available and others produce their own wines. Don’t miss the recipe at the end of the blog for an apple and peach honey appetizer.

In Illinois, Eckert’s Belleville Country Store hosts wine pairings. On September 11 they are hosting their first apple and wine pairing. The event includes a wagon ride in the orchard that includes wine tasting. After the trip to the orchard, participants return to the market classroom for apple appetizers paired with wines. A focus will be on profiles of different apple varieties. Tickets are $30 and registration is available online at http://eckerts.stores.yahoo.net/wiapinorthse.html.

A few other country markets we have visited and discovered wine at are below with links to the complete articles.

Fly Creek Cider Mill, New York

The Fly Creek Cider Mill, located in Fly Creek, New York, is more than your average cider mill – it is a historical attraction with a diversity of flavors and activities. Visitors can purchase apples and sweet cider, sample hard cider and wine, stock up on gourmet food items, enjoy a meal at the snack bar and bakery, and feed the ducks in outdoor ponds. The facilities’ most popular products include apples, cider, cheese, and fudge.” Read more at http://winetrailtraveler.com/newyork/flycreekcidermill.php

Terhune Orchards, New Jersey

“Terhune Orchards is much more than a large orchard. Today Terhune Orchards has acres and acres of orchards, a large farm market and is moving into the wine world step by  step. In 2014 Terhune Orchards includes growing and maintaining vineyards and producing fruit and traditional wines.”
Read more at http://winetrailtraveler.com/newjersey/terhune.php.

Orchard Country Winery & Market, Wisconsin

“With a large farm market, wine tastings and a sip of cider, Orchard Country Winery & Market has much to offer visitors. A pleasant part of the tasting room ambiance is the attention by the staff. Visitors will experience a working family farm with pick your own fruits, homemade products and seasonal festivals. During our visit we met Carrie Viste, one of the owners and managers of the winery. In an email she wrote, “Our family business is a true working farm with opportunities to see the grounds, harvest the fruit and taste award-winning products made from those same fruits-the healthy door county cherry being the highlight.” Read more at http://winetrailtraveler.com/wisconsin/orchardcountry.php

Sliced Apples and Peach Honey Idea

A few weeks ago while in Fredericksburg, Texas we came across a delightful appetizers at the Das Peach Haus. It’s simple and easy to prepare.

Apple and Peach Honey Appetizer


Thinly sliced apples (Do not peel)
Peach Honey
Grated Parmesan cheese


Drizzle Peach Honey over the sliced apples.
Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
Serve with a delicate white wine and enjoy!

Article about Das Peach Haus is online.


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