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WineNotes: Grape Variety: Alvarinho

Alvarinho, a white wine

Alvarinho is also known as Albariño. The wines produced with Albariño grapes. The grapes are grown in many location around the world, especially well known in northwestern Spain and northern Portugal. The Spanish wine region of Rías Baixas is known for its production of Albariño. In Portugal, Alvarinho is well known in the Vino Verde region, particularly the  Monção and Melgaço subregions. Albariño (Alvarinho) can also be found in other regions of the world including parts of California, Oregon, Washington and New Zealand where it usually goes by the Spanish name Albariño. Albariño wines can also be found at Pedernales Cellars in Texas.

  • Aromatic wines
  • Produces white still and sparkling wines
  • Aromas and taste notes of mineral, peach and citrus
  • Pairing tips: Albariño pairs well with grilled meats and grilled fish. Also consider pairing an Albariño wine with aged cheese, salad and shellfish dishes.
  • Temperature serving suggestion: 45 to 52 degrees F

While visiting wineries in Portugal in 2018, we stopped at the Commission of Viticulture for the Region of Vinho Verde in Porto. We tasted several wines including an Alvarinho and wrote, “The 2016 Deu Alvarinho was composed of Alvarinho grapes. The wine had a yellow color with 13% alcohol. The aroma had tropical fruits, peach and citrus. The taste was reminiscent of peaches, grapefruit, citrus and mineral. The wine had an oily mouthfeel. The finish was crisp and fruity. This is one of the best selling wines from the region with a price around six euros.”


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