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Champagne Day Experiment and Food Pairing

102414aToday is #ChampagneDay, a day dedicated to the producers and champagne from the Champagne wine region of France. We decided to celebrate the day with a Champagne Jean-Claude Mouzon Brut. Earlier I wrote a blog about different wine glasses for sparkling wines. What is better, a flute, white wine glass or a coupe. As I poured the champagne I grabbed some flutes and a white wine glass. I poured champagne in both a flute and white wine glass to observe the differences. Kathy brought two bowls of different potato chips and a tray of black olives and green olives to pair with the champagne.

Flute vs White Wine Glass

The flute appeared to have more bubbles than the white wine glass. There was constant steady streams of bubbles in the flute for over thirty minutes. The white wine glass also had a stream of bubbles but not as many as were observed in the flute. There were still many bubbles in the flute after 30 minutes while fewer in the white wine glass after 30 minutes. The aroma of the champagne in the flute was predominantly yeast like freshly baked bread. The white wine glass had more nuances of aroma including apple, citrus and freshly baked bread but it was more in the background. Initially there was multiple tastes from the white wine glass; however, after thirty minutes they were similar. In conclusion, if you are tasting the champagne, a white wine glass may be better. Tastings are very short on time. If you are drinking the champagne, you may enjoy the champagne in the flute more

Potato Chips and Olives

All the foods were high in salt. The champagne cut right through the salt and removed it from lingering in the mouth. The saltier green olives and Lays potato chips had the biggest difference after the champagne. Champagne is a great food companion that matches with may different food items.


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