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Returning from Cava Country

Kathy and I spent the last week of May and the first couple weeks of June in Catalonia, visiting cava producers and judging this year’s 50 Great Cavas. We were able to also visit three producers in Requena, in the Valencia Provence. Our trip was work related. We did not go site seeing although we […]

Disgorging by Hand Without Freezing the Plug

A few years ago Kathy and I were visiting wineries in Quebec, Canada. At the winery, Le Cep d’Argent we met one of the owners and winemaker François Scieur who is a 6th generation winemaker. His family still owns a Champagne House in Champagne. François demonstrated how to disgorge a bottle of sparkling wine by […]

Does the Glass Matter?

In The Drinks Business’ post Wine Glass Best for Champagne, Says Pernod the notion of a flute and coupe is put to the challenge. Perhaps the best glass for sparkling wine is a white wine glass. This made me recall the glasses we used while in the Penedés Cava region of Catalonia and Barcelona a […]

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