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Now is Great Time to Make Peach Wine

The peach winemaking adventure continues!

Keeping Up with Our Home Winemaking

Since arriving back from our visit to the Catalonia region of Spain, where we visited with winemakers and cava producers, we have been busy with our own winemaking. Late last week we….

Like Wine? Make Your Own Wine at a Winery in 2014

If you want to be a “winemaker” at a winery this year, it’s probably a good idea to contact the winery of your choice as grapes are being harvested now. Wine lovers who want to learn more about how wine is made and want to have a sense of ownership in winemaking can do so at several wineries around the country. On the East Coast several wineries offer winemaking opportunities at their facilities.

Home Winemaking Classes at a Virginia Commercial Winery

Intimidated by the idea of making your own wine from a wine kit?

An Ultimate Drink Local Experience

With the Drink Local Wine Conference coming up soon I thought about what may be the ultimate drink local wine experience. This experience would be different for everyone. For me, the ultimate drink local wine experience would be a wine made from grapes in my backyard vineyard, just a few feet away from our kitchen. […]

Home winemaking: Peach and a Sauvignon Blanc

Over the weekend, we started to make two different wines – one from a kit. We thought we would not try a kit wine again after our other experiences. But this kit was a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand’s Marlboro region. To help create a quality wine, we pulled out the testing equipment including the […]

Recession Proof your Wine

This cooler than average spring is coming on the heels of a cooler than average winter in the Baltimore area of Maryland. This provides ideal temperature growing conditions for the potatoes I planted the first week of April. Assuming that I get a modest two pounds per hill, with the fifty hills of potatoes I […]

Winexpert’s Selection Spéciale Series Riesling Ice Wine Style

If you enjoy wine but have shied away from making your own I recommend that you try the Winexpert Selection Spéciale Series. The Riesling Ice Wine Style won a gold medal and although costlier than other wine kits, the results are good. It took us about two months to make the wine. This is a […]

Days 6 through 13 of Winemaking

The wine sat silently in the carboy in a dark somewhat cool area. No fermentation bubbling was observed probably because there was little if any sugar left to ferment. On the 13th day I took a reading of the specific gravity at 0.990. This was down 0.002 from the previous reading. Time to go onto […]

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