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Now is Great Time to Make Peach Wine

Fresh peaches will soon be turned into wine!

As mention in a previous blog, we began crafting a peach wine on Wednesday.

By Thursday night our fermentation bin, filled to about 2/3 of the five-gallon plastic container, was beginning to show signs of fermentation with the airlock bubbling about every 30 seconds. This morning the airlock is showing bubbles every 4 seconds. This is all good news as we wait for the fermentation to finish. It usually takes several days up to a week for this to occur. As soon as the fermentation is finished, we will press the must (peaches, skins, water and sugar mixture.) The resulting wine will be placed in a carboy for the lees to settle to the bottom of the carboy.

If you want to craft your own peach wine, detailed directions are available online. In addition to the peaches, white or yellow, the winemaking ingredients we used for our peach wine included: several pounds of sugar, distilled water, a yeast energizer, acid blend, grape tannins, pectic enzyme and potassium metabilsufite and a specific wine yeast. For all of the winemaking ingredients, check out your local wine and brewery shop. These stores will also have the five-gallon fermentation bin, airlock and hydrometer that you will need and that can be reused again and again.

We are excited about making a peach wine and hope to make 3 gallons of blackberry wine later this year!



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