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Follow Our 2017 Peach Winemaking Progress

Pick-Your-Own Peaches

A few years ago we crafted a homemade peach wine. It was a fun experience and turned out to be a yummy fruit wine. which we enjoyed occasionally. Note that I really enjoy traditional wines also, but certain times like hot weather or a relaxing day on the patio, a fruit wine just calls out to me.

Since we had gone through our limited supply of peach wine, we decided 2017 was the year to make more peach

Fresh peaches will soon be turned into wine!

wine. So late last week we traveled to Larriland farms, a u-pick market in Maryland. After stopping at the farm market, we drove a short distance to their peach orchards. We were handed a box that should hold 20 pounds of peaches. Then we were directed to the orchard rows that have white peaches. The first year we chose to use a mixture of white and yellow peaches for the wine, this year we wanted to try just white peaches.

Back home after washing the peaches, we decided to wait a few days before beginning the process of peach winemaking.

Dicing peaches for winemaking

This morning we began the process by sanitizing all of our equipment with potassium metabisulphite. We took several pounds of the peaches and leaving the skins on, cut the peaches in half, removed the pit and diced the peaches. We added distilled water with sugar and then added several traditional substances including tannins to the mixture in the fermentation bin.

Tomorrow we will add the winemaking yeast and wait for several days for fermentation to take place.

Hope you are inspired you to pick fresh peaches this year and try your hand at making a peach wine. Oh, yes, we have extra peaches to eat fresh and make a couple of tasty pies!

Now maybe we’ll just try to craft a blackberry wine!


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