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Wine Appreciation Presentation A Success!

Wine enthusiasts discover wines at WTT Teach and Taste sessions.

This month we offered one of our Teach & Taste two-hour presentations which included a tasting of six wines including ancient world wines, old world wines and new world wines. The accompanying Power Point presentation included numerous photos depicting specific points made during the presentation, as well as, numerous photos of wineries we have visited. We also offered everyone a slice of the red raspberry wine cake we baked earlier in the day.

While presentations can be offered to almost any size group, yesterday’s group was 18. This size enables everyone to have a good view, hear and also ask questions or make comments about their own wine experiences. Presentations such as this one help people to appreciate the many faces of wine.

Greco Di Tufo from Italy was tasted.

Later we received numerous comments about this month’s presentation.

  • “I thought the wine tasting was FANTASTIC!!!  I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed the day.  I especially enjoyed the information concerning the ancient wines since I had never given it any thought before.
  • “What a terrific idea, to visit the wineries and gain knowledge about the various wines, their production, etc.  It has inspired me to rethink my visits to wineries in the future.
  • Thanks for opening your home, for the tour of your wine cellar and of course, sharing all the wines and the stories about wines. GREAT DAY!!!!!”
  • “As usual, it was great. Thanks”
  • “It was wonderful!  It’s my second – and will not be my last! Thank you both for presenting such informative seminars.”
  • “I really enjoyed the wine tasting yesterday. Thanks so much for having it!”

If you want to learn more about our wine presentations, give us a call or visit our information page.

Kathy and Terry

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