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Days 6 through 13 of Winemaking

The wine sat silently in the carboy in a dark somewhat cool area. No fermentation bubbling was observed probably because there was little if any sugar left to ferment. On the 13th day I took a reading of the specific gravity at 0.990. This was down 0.002 from the previous reading. Time to go onto to step three of the instructions.

We dissolved a package of metabisulphite and a package sorbate in a 1/2 cup of cool water. This was added to the wine in the carboy. We then had to vigorously stir the contents for two minutes. I watched a video on You-Tube showing the stirring by hand. I decided to buy a stirring attachment for my drill. After sanitizing the attachment, the wine in the carboy was stirred using the drill to power the stirrer. It worked fantastically. Next added to the carboy was a package of chitosan. Once again I used my drill stirrer to stir the wine for two minutes.

The carboy once again rests in a somewhat cool dark place while the wine clarifies. The directions state that this can take 14 days or longer.

So far the entire process was quite simple. Most of the time the wine just sits there doing its fermentation or clarifying or aging. The bug to start another batch has already bitten.

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